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Indian bride wearing handcrafted beaded Indian bridal wedding headpiece

Luxury Bespoke Indian Bridal Jewellery
Uniquely handcrafted to perfection to bring you a majestic jewellery masterpiece you can enjoy wearing for many years to come! Thoughtfully designed with you.

Lovingly handmade for you. 



Bride Janika Wearing Mayaani Jewellery U

Where Artistry Meets

Fashion & Sustainability!

Bold. Daring. Different. Just Like You!

Designer Handmade Beaded Indian inspired Bridal, Wedding & Occasion Jewellery. Bespoke & Ready To Ship (low stock slow fashion).

Your wedding is your time to shine! Never settle for anything less than the perfect jewellery match for your perfect bridal outfit. With  our bold, daring and memorable pieces we instantly take your bridal look from beautiful but typical South Asian bride, to exceptional and unique bride!

With 20 years experience designing and handcrafting statement beaded Indian influence jewellery, I (Megha) welcome you to a world full of possibilities where we piece together sensational, timeless, carefully considered, intricately woven works of Indian Bohemian inspired bead embroidered art which will have heads turning for many years to come.

Pieces designed to be worn for many years beyond your wedding day and not just on special occasions so, you can enjoy the blissful memories they carry and be reminded, at every moment, just how bold, fierce and beautiful you really are!

Watch with wonder and amazement as they grow into a beautiful collection of your most precious memories. An embodiment of your life story and beautiful symbol of your individuality, your beauty and your strength. Treasured heirlooms you can, in time, pass on with happiness, love and pride.
All of this never forgetting those near and dear to you! Yes! We can bring to life unique coordinating pieces for your bridal party shining a light on their individual style whilst creating a cohesive look for your bridal party which celebrates the bonds you share. 

How does it work?


Indian mandala design jewellery order process step 1 Mayaani Jewellery


Once you fill out the form below you will receive an email inviting you to your FREE 30 minute jewellery design video consultation with Megha.

7 - 10 working days after this video call you will receive your design draft and FREE bespoke jewellery design quotation via email. The quotation is payable in 3 separate instalments. You have 3 working days to reply to the email and secure your project.

Indian mandala design for Mayaani Jewellery step 2 of bespoke jewellery order process


Once you have approved your design draft via email & secured your project, you have 7 working days to pay your first instalment (25%) towards your bespoke jewellery order. Work on your unique piece of jewellery begins as soon as your deposit has been received.

Indian mandala traditional design with a number 3 in the middle for Mayaani Jewellery process steps


Megha will provide you with 3 updates so you can see how your design is developing. You can request more updates or fewer updates (if you love the element of surprise!). Half way through your project your second instalment (25%) will be due and you will receive an email  you to make you aware of this. You will have 7 working days from the date of the email to pay this.

Indian traditional mandala design featuring a number 4 for Mayaani Jewellery process step bespoke jewellery


When your bespoke piece of jewellery is ready, the third and final instalment (50%) will be due. You will receive an email to make you aware of this and you will have 7 working days to make the payment. Once your payment has been received your order will be securely (full tracking) shipped out to your chosen address. You will continue to receive support after your order has been received. Kindly follow the link below to read more.

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Looking for your perfect timeless piece? Kindly send a message using this form.

It will be an honour to get in touch with you!

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What Clients Say About The Mayaani Jewellery Experience

Collage featuring a wrist modelling front and back of a beaded statement handmade bracelet and ecoconscious packaging

United Kingdom

Clare Hepworth-Wain

Five Stars

Megha is a jewellery designer that puts the customer at the heart of each piece she makes. I cannot wear jewellery that contains metal but this was no problem for Megha. She worked her magic to create a clasp that fastens with buttons! The bracelet is very comfortable to wear. This is already my favourite piece of jewellery! It feels bespoke. It looks bespoke and it is bespoke! Megha pays attention to every detail including the presentation of the jewellery and the packaging. Opening the package is a gift in itself and contributed to the whole experience.

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By Megha

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