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Sustainable Luxury Beaded Indian Wedding & Occasion Jewellery You Can Wear Everyday!

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About Megha Mundandishe

With 20 years experience as a self-taught bead jewellery designer & artisan, I bring you my vision for individuality embracing, sustainability loving works of statement bead woven jewelleryElegant and timeless pieces you can flaunt guilt free & pass on in green conscience.


Having bought a high street Indian art jewellery set for my wedding day, it pains me that I cannot wear this heavy and rather uncomfortable, clunky jewellery again.


This changes here and now! You can wear your special occasion jewellery in more than one way and not just on special occasions. Why? Because it carries beautiful memories you deserve to be able to enjoy wearing and re-living as often as you like. Your daily reminder of the best moments of your life and the perfect way to reconnect you with the more empowered side of you!

Every single design you see here is my original signature concept, lovingly and expertly handcrafted by me in my home studio in Kent, UK. Weaving my Indian heritage into every piece, I bring you modern beaded Bohemian Chic Indian inspired bridal, wedding & occasion jewellery designed to be worn for many years after your special day! 

Because your jewellery should always be more than just an afterthought...

And with Mayaani Jewellery it always is!

Megha Mundandishe

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Photo of Mayaani Jewellery Indian Designer Owner and Founder Megha against a taupe backdrop



Where Artistry Meets Fashion & Sustainability!
Enjoy a carefully curated collection of sustainable, artisan handmade, Indian inspired, beaded jewellery full of Boho chic vibes for the individual in you! Slow Made & Superior Quality.

Uniquely handcrafted with only one pair of each design available because you should be the only person in the world wearing your piece. Matching pieces can be commissioned and designed with you to your exact specifications. Enter a world of possibilities!

Because your jewellery should always be more than just an afterthought...

Jhumka Peach & Antique Bronze Indian Style Scrap Bead Earrings by Mayaani Jewellery UK_edi


Your Home For One of a Kind Artisan Handmade Indian Inspired Beaded Bohemian Chic Statement

Wedding & Occasion Jewellery!

Bride Janika Wearing Mayaani Jewellery U

Where Artistry Meets

Fashion & Sustainability!

Bold. Daring. Different. Just Like You!

Designer Handmade Beaded Indian inspired Bridal, Wedding & Occasion Jewellery. Bespoke & Ready To Ship (low stock slow fashion).

Your wedding is your time to shine! To boldly step out surrounded by your loved ones and say 'this is me'. Never settle for anything less than the perfect jewellery match for your perfect bridal outfit. With my bold, daring and memorable pieces we instantly take your bridal look from beautiful but typical bride, to exceptional and unique bride!

With 20 years experience designing and handcrafting statement beaded jewellery, I (Megha) welcome you to a world full of possibilities where we piece together sensational, carefully considered, intricately woven works of bead embroidered art which will have heads turning for many years to come.

Pieces designed to be worn for many years beyond your wedding day and not just on special occasions so you can enjoy the blissful memories they carry and be reminded, at every moment, just how bold, fierce and beautiful you really are!

Over time them grow into a beautiful collection of your most precious memories. An embodiment of your life story and beautiful symbol of your individuality, your beauty and your strength.  Treasured heirlooms to pass on with love and pride.


All this and the option to design and create, unique coordinating pieces for your bridal party. Give them the opportunity to shine in their individual style whilst creating a cohesive look for your bridal party which celebrates the bonds you share. 



Your Beauty & Strength Lies in What Makes You Different!
Thoughtfully designed and sustainable artisan handmade Bohemian Chic Indian inspired bead jewellery! For Made to Order pieces kindly follow the link below to get in touch!

Unique handmade Mayaani Jewellery Megha yellow orange and green Indian wedding bridal occasion hand bracelet
Phenomenon Red Green Gold Abstract Statement Indian Earrings by Sustainable UK Brand Mayaani Jewellery
A bold blue statement pair of handmade beaded Mayaani Jewellery earrings featuring jingles and beads made out of scraps.

Experience levels of comfort you dream of with handmade Indian Boho Chic beaded jewellery designed to feel like a second skin. So effortlessly beautiful to wear, you might even forget you are wearing yours! Uniquely beautiful. Uniquely effortless. Uniquely You!

Showing how every piece of scrap from the jewelley making process is turned into handcrafted scrap beaded jewellery - A Mayaani Jewellery innovation and signature technique
Mayaani Jewellery VIP Experience Icon featuring a Gold Crown and Gold Olive Wreath wrapped around the text

V.I.P Experience

Designed with you, for you, as you work directly with Megha to bring your vision to life

Mayaani Jewellery Zero Waste Promise and Commitment to Sustainability

95% of our scrap is recycled on site  and handcrafted into breathtakingly beautiful 'scrap beads'!

Mayaani Jewellery Logo featuring silhouette of a woman surrounded by florals

Achieve more looks with just one piece of jewellery than you could ever imagine possible!

Mayaani Jewellery Get In Touch Icon Showing Options for email or phone contact

Free Quotation

Free Video Consultation

25% deposit once you approve your quote & design draft!

What Clients Say About The Mayaani Jewellery Experience

Collage featuring a wrist modelling front and back of a beaded statement handmade bracelet and ecoconscious packaging

Five Stars

Megha is a jewellery designer that puts the customer at the heart of each piece she makes. I cannot wear jewellery that contains metal but this was no problem for Megha. She worked her magic to create a clasp that fastens with buttons! The bracelet is very comfortable to wear. This is already my favourite piece of jewellery! It feels bespoke. It looks bespoke and it is bespoke! Megha pays attention to every detail including the presentation of the jewellery and the packaging. Opening the package is a gift in itself and contributed to the whole experience.

United Kingdom

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