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Indian South Asian Pakistani Sikh Bride Wearing Mayaani Jewellery UK Custom Made Bespoke Bridal Headpiece/ Indian Sikh South Asian Pakistani bridal headwear/ Indian matha patti / Indian mathapatti / Indian maang tikka sitting with her Indian / Pakistani/ Sikh / South Asian groom at the head table

Bridal Jewellery to Wear For Many Years To Come

Luxurious Sustainable Artisan Handmade Indian Inspired Boho Chic
Bespoke Bridal, Wedding & Occasion Jewellery

Designed with you and handcrafted for you with future wear in mind!
Because your wedding, bridal and occasion jewellery can and should be worn on more than just one special occasion.

Your wedding is your time to shine! To boldly step out surrounded by your loved ones and say 'this is me' and 'this is the person I choose to spend my life with'.

Never settle for anything less than the best jewellery.

The best jewellery to celebrate your individual style in a bold, daring and memorable way that sets you apart from the crowd. Show stopping bridal jewellery to take your bridal look from beautiful but typical bride to exceptional and unique bride!

With 20 years experience designing and handcrafting statement beaded jewellery, I (Megha) welcome you to a world full of possibilities where we piece together your perfect jewellery match, a world apart from the mass produced machine made bridal jewellery typically sold to brides as 'luxury'.

Together we will create sensational, carefully considered, intricately woven works of bead embroidered art which will have heads turning for many years to come.

Pieces designed to be worn for many years beyond your wedding day and not just on special occasions! Imagine being able to wear them every day!

So you can enjoy the blissful memories they carry and be reminded, at every moment, just how bold, fierce and beautiful you really are!

Watch them grow into a beautiful collection of your most precious memories. An embodiment of your life story and beautiful symbol of your individuality, your beauty and your strength.  Treasured heirlooms to pass on with love and pride.

Sustainably handmade (zero waste), you can be reassured your style choice is protecting and preserving the natural environment you love.


All this and the option to design and create, unique coordinating pieces for your bridal party. Give them the opportunity to shine in their individual style whilst creating a cohesive look for your bridal party which celebrates the bonds you share. Cherished tokens which will forever be a beautiful reminder for each of them of the loving bond of unity you share..

How does it work?

Kirstie Hooper Client Wearing Grey & Silver Leaf Leafescent Earrings for Mayaani Jewellery Review

Five Stars

Kirstie Hooper

United Kingdom

"(Earrings) Even more beautiful in real life and I love wearing them! I would totally recommend Mayaani Jewellery for a special occasion, to buy as a gift or just to make you feel fabulous because it will!"

By Megha

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