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New Beginnings New Chapters New Challenges

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

Namaste, Kemcho, Habari, Mhoroi & Hello!

So this Blog has been a bit delayed in its creation. I already have a newsletter which has been diligently emailed out to my small but loyal group of readers since November 2021. Why then has it only just occurred to me to post this newsletter as a blog? I think for me personally it is the word 'Blog'. Somehow this word for me brings with it the idea that I have to write something truly thought provoking or compelling. If this is what you are after then this might not be the blog for you! I do however have my moments of compelling thought so you never know?! Having put it off for long enough I am taking the plunge and typing this out for any of you who might be interested to know a bit more about me, Tayaani Jewellery (now called Mayaani Jewellery but that's another story) and my own personal ponderings!

Through this blog I will keep you updated on anything and everything Mayaani Jewellery. I will also inevitably share snippets of my personal life with you given Mayaani Jewellery and I are inextricably woven together with this business being born out of my passion and almost twenty year old dream! And with that I will waste no further time and dive right in.

Since I began to seriously develop my dream into a business in October 2021 I have made huge strides both in my personal development and in my business. Is my business where I want it to be yet? No. But will it get there? Definitely. I imagine most people are quick to think about all the things they have yet to achieve and few take time to stop and look back to identify exactly how far they have already come. I myself am guilty of this and if I view my progress through a more balanced scope then I might realise that I have actually made a significant amount of progress given my particular availability of time and resources. Whilst this business has been a dream of mine for a long time I have only really begun to take strides in developing my dream into a business. It all began with securing a website which I very proudly launched on 19th April 2022!

This website you are all enjoying and viewing is the result of my learning. I have never created a website before and believe me I had a lot of help in the way of my selected Website Platform Provider! But there was also a lot of independent work I had to do around deciding on the layout, how many pages I wanted (which, would you believe, started out at 4!), the content I wanted to display, what the content would be... You name it, I had to think about it and come up with it too! Whilst initially stressful and daunting, I decided to focus on the task in small snippets and this helped break down what seemed like an insurmountable task into a much more digestible one. I began to enjoy the process and as I began to enjoy it, the process not only became easier but the results I was achieving were phenomenal. Enjoyment is the key to anything you do in life. If you love it, you'll do well at it. Mayaani Jewellery is this for me. Not many people would have pegged me for being an artist because I am also highly academic but being in a job (which I was) where I excelled with ease did not challenge me in the way this does! Jewellery crafting comes naturally to me. I absolutely love it! Turning that into a business is the challenge and I am embracing every aspect of it, learning so much about myself along the way and finding it hugely liberating!

There will no doubt be many new and individual challenges to come. What fun would there be to be had if there weren't? Plain sailing is just that... uneventful, predictable and in many respects boring. It is of course essential not to be jumping constant and continuous hurdles. So, I welcome the inevitable breakthroughs that will allow me to take a step back, say 'ah' and just let things tick along by themselves in the background so that I can focus on the more meaty stuff like designing and handcrafting more jewellery masterpieces for all of you lovely people and jewellery aficionados out there!

So here's to new beginnings, new chapters and new challenges!

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By Megha

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