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(One of a Kind)

Her delicate steps fragranced the air around her with the scent of beauty as she walked with hope filled dreams towards the garland filled mandap. Surrounded by her loved ones, her heart blossomed with the love she held for them and for the man she was about to promise herself to. This brilliantly colourful and breathtakingly short lived moment was the beginning of the next chapter of her life. She would carry these memories for a life time like hidden gems which, every so often, she would bring out and wear, relishing in the treasured moments and finding herself smiling in reminder of her hopes, dreams, inner strength and beauty. 


A stunningly handcrafted cherry blossom inspired bridal jewellery set named the after EMNE London bespoke Indian clothing designer Neha. Featuring beautifully handcrafted crochet and bead flowers this bridal jewellery set gives a whole new meaning to the bridal 'flower garland'. This set comes complete with bridal neckpiece (fitted to your specifications), earrings, haath phool (one) and maang tikka (mathapatti / Indian bridal headpiece).



Designer Handmade Wedding Neha Indian Bridal Jewellery Set | Mayaani Jewellery

  • Bespoke fit for necklace available
  • You will receive an email to discuss necklace fitting options and once agreed additional work will be undertaken to create your perfect finish
  • Ships in 7 - 14 days (depending on work required)
  • Lovingly hand gift wrapped in a sophisticated, luxurious eco-conscious linen gift/ storage bag complete with eco-friendly packaging
  • Optional free hand penned calligraphy gift note.

As with all Mayaani Jewellery designs, this one of a kind design can be commissioned to fulfill your individual desires. Simply get in touch to create your very own individuality embracing pair!

Kindly note where modelled, all earrings come with newly fitted unworn (new) earring hooks.

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By Megha

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